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Beauty Mini Haul

I had an errand in Ortigas that finished early so I decided to drop by the huge SM Megamall nearby. I was hoping to find The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Oil makeup remover but their boutique no longer has it. I’ve read Reddit posts about how this removes makeup well, second to the popular Banila Co Clean It Zero. Disappointed, I headed to the Skinfood boutique to check out the price of the Black Sugar Cleansing Oil (another recommendation on Reddit), but they only had the Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Serum that cost a bit over Php 1,000 and this item didn’t have enough positive reviews to justify its price. I silently told myself I’d rather buy the Banila Co Clean It Zero Purity since the price is roughly the same, plus I’d get to try the cult favorite. And I’ve found a reseller on Shopee who has it for the same price as the original (pink) tub! I’m probably ordering it online when I get home.

Knowing that they carry a lot of beauty products, I dropped by Watsons to grab the Celeteque Suncare facial moisturizer with SPF 15. I don’t like slathering on sunscreen, but I’m starting to get sun spots on my face and I knew I had to address that already, hence the purchase.

The BB cushion I use on days when I wear makeup has SPF in it, but I doubt it does anything since I only pat on a thin layer of it on my face.

How should you arrange your skin care products? Read my post about the 10-step routine.


I also grabbed a tub of One Step Pimple Clear Pads that was 30% cheaper at Watsons than on Althea, which is surprising because Althea is ALWAYS on sale. I’m looking forward to seeing more K-beauty products at Watsons these coming months, especially now that they’re becoming the hottest trend. Anyway, I picked up this tub since I wanted to try BHA exfoliating and now’s the perfect time since tiny bumps are starting to form on my forehead and pimples are saying good (?) morning. Also, my skin is becoming more oily since the weather is starting to get hot.

rt.pngReal Techniques
At the Real Techniques display (THEY HAVE RT ITEMS AT WATSONS NOW. A LOT OF IT), I went to and fro. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the Miracle Diamond Sponge or the regular Miracle Complexion Sponge. The hundred-Peso sponge I bought online from Althea accidentally fell in the toilet. I was cleaning it and squishing it… next thing I know it’s flying into the toilet bowl. Sploosh! That’s the sound of my tears falling on the sink. I don’t think any kind of thorough cleansing would convince me to put it anywhere near my face again. I end up in the counter with the orange Complexion Sponge because:

  1. It was cheaper.
  2. Toilet water-soaked sponge needs replacement, pronto!!!
  3. It has been tried and tested by many beauty gurus, and compares well with the Beauty Blender.
  4. I saw a review on Youtube where the girl complained about the pointy end of the Diamond Sponge being too thin and flimsy to blend anything. The facets are great, but I don’t really need that.
  5. It was cheaper!!!!!!! I actually stopped at number 1 and just continued to justify my purchase with numbers 2-4. I have #noragrets.

The Face Shop
Gateway Mall was on the way home so I decided to drop by and see if The Face Shop there had what I was looking for.tfs

They didn’t.

I picked up Green Tea Water mist instead, so I could try it out. My current Mumuso Spring Water mist doesn’t moisturize me as well as how it wets my face. It’s nice and refreshing, but without aftereffects–it simply makes my face feel cool because the huge water droplets it sprays onto my skin are cold when mixed with air (I need to face the electric fan to achieve this coolness). I’m excited to find out how this Green Tea mist fares.

Lastly, the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence I ordered on Shopee has finally arrived!!!!!!! I’m excited to include this in my skin care routine. You can read up on what I’ve been doing during my routine here.fteMissha FTE. I feel like my life is complete… until my next purchase. Hehe

I shall post reviews/first impressions soon!

haulFor five items, you’d think this would be a short post. I thought so too!

Update: I dropped by The Face Shop in another mall and the lady there told me the Rice Water Bright line is being phased out. They only had one item left of the cleansing  water  and a few tubes of foam wash from the line. I also dropped by Skinfood, and they said they have also phased out the Black sugar line and has repalced it with the Black Sugar Perfect which has different ingredients from the original line. So I guess I’m going for the Banila Co balm instead, just to make sure that my money will be spent on something that works, and works really well.


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