How This Began

I am a 23-year old beauty enthusiast from Manila, Philippines.

From a young age, I have been fascinated with makeup. My elementary days had been busied with dancing ballet and performing on stage for dance recitals which required us to do our own hair and makeup. Until college, I would watch tons of beauty gurus review makeup, demonstrate how to correctly apply foundation, and share tips on how to perfect the winged liner. But I never really pursued the interest until recently, when my friend and I discovered the wonders of Korean beauty products and their 10-step skincare regimen. Since then, we have resolved to take care of our skin more seriously.

I have been slowly building my makeup and skincare stash; buying cheap products that end up unused because they don’t work well or irritate my skin, looking for dupes for cult favorites, chancing upon items that are inexpensive but do damn well, and discovering expensive stuff that end up being great deals with how they work like a dream. I spend my own money from what I earn in my part-time job, so I really take time to research about expensive products I plan to buy (are they really worth the money I’m about to lose???) as well as inexpensive ones (will they work or is it better to buy the $$$ counterpart?).

Instead of keeping this exciting journey through the beauty jungle to myself, I decided to share my mistakes and successes to my fellow enthusiasts who have yet to discover what works and what doesn’t work for them. Hopefully this blog could help as a guide to determine which products are worth the spend.

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